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In order to avoid all mess with different formats and upgrades we will focus on collections for SuperMemo 98 Go to another website with more information format
We will focus on English language collections because of the following reason: 50% of the Internet sales goes to the US, further 10% to other English speaking countries, while only 2% to our native Poland where the number of SuperMemo users may be as high as 500,000
All knowledge collections, except those submitted as freeware, will be paid collections. This will be necessary for satisfying the profitability condition. The minimum purchase amount will be $6 (for lower amounts the administrative costs start making the operation unprofitable)
The prices will mostly be determined by your satisfaction with a given material. Each collection will start at a lower price which will be increased with high demand and high praise. New collections will be marked as untested. Once we receive complaints about their quality, they will be removed from the list. No junk can spoil our library
We will try to keep both users and authors happy. We will keep prices low and pay the authors 33% of the end-user price (until now, SuperMemo World kept the rule of 10% royalties). SuperMemo World's research shows that the prices in the range $3-$20 maximize the overall profit. A great part of SuperMemo community is students who cannot afford more expensive collections!
We want to save on download times and space used by giving preference to small, well-defined collections (e.g. British Rulers as opposed to History). Users will always be able to build up their own collections by merging collections available from SuperMemo Library
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