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Our names are Michal Hejwosz and Piotr Maksimczyk. We hope to turn this page into the greatest collection of SuperMemo learning material on the web.
If you are a devoted fan of SuperMemo, like we are, you have probably long thought why you always had problems to find a SuperMemo learning material you needed. If you wanted to learn Thai ... you could not find a Thai database in SuperMemo World's Go to another website with more information price list. You probably ended up typing in your own Thai collection like many other users around the world. Wasted effort! We also could not understand why this situation lasted so many years (see: History of SuperMemo Library) and nobody could turn the demand for databases and the collective effort of thousands of users into a profitable enterprise.
It took quite a long time to where we are now. We are the hosts of SuperMemo Library and we hope to serve you with quality SuperMemo learning material provided from all possible sources that we will be aware of. We have got harsh but clear conditions (see: Principles of SuperMemo Library): SuperMemo Library must be profitable (it has to cover website space, FTP transfer costs, administrative costs, authors' royalties and our humble salary). We are sure that with your help, we will make this enterprise a success!

Michal and Piotr

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