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A SuperMemo Database Bank is set up. The list of databases in bank is increasing fast... but not their availability to the public. Different database formats, problems with updates, intellectual property rights, distribution and administration result in more mess than profit. Users request databases from the bank but cannot get them because of a number of technicalities that drag individual projects and agreements for months. There is not also a single person at SuperMemo World maintaining the bank as his prime focus. One individual may review a database, process it and and add an entry to the bank, another will contact the author, yet another will produce diskettes, yet another will handle distribution and payments with errors multiplying on the way. Users and authors are unhappy. SuperMemo World has little profit and little interest in changing the status quo
The idea of SuperMemo Club in Bajtek (Polish Computer journal) is proposed and a separate database bank is to be maintained outside SuperMemo World by the readers of the journal in their collective effort. As new hosts of SuperMemo Club change, so do the rules of database submission, handling and sharing. The bright minds of Marcin Lis, Michal Horloza, Tomasz Polichnowski, Tomek Soltysik, Eryk Horloza and Andrzej Lapa, one after another face the daunting task of handling hundreds of letters, tens of diskettes and ... negligible profitability. As SuperMemo Club is going through some revival in 1996, the Bajtek journal goes out of press and so does the Club
The present CEO of SuperMemo World, Krzysztof Biedalak, makes a loud and clear declaration. SuperMemo World will focus on CD-ROM releases based on high quality material licensed form most reputable publishers around the world. This approach will continue as long as multimedia CD-ROM releases make up nearly 90% of SuperMemo World's revenue
  • the Club is to be reincarnated in cooperation with PC World Komputer (in Poland) in association with the first proposition of running a dual database collection on the World Wide Web. In the meantime, under the increasing pressure from its customers, SuperMemo World announces a release of SuperMemo MegaMix with nearly 300 SuperMemo databases. Both projects drag for months for the same reasons as all earlier ideas. Most of all, negotiating licensing conditions with database authors via snail mail is a never ending process of delays and misunderstandings. Additionally, processing 300 databases, some of them as large as 50,000 items, reviewing, converting to the same format, providing with accurate description and author data prove a procedure longer than life. As for now, MegaMix is ultimately scheduled for release in Spring 1999

  • late 1997, Michal Hejwosz comes up with the proposition of reviving the idea of SuperMemo Database Center on the web. The initial support is little and skepticism high
  • early 1998, with personal involvement on the part of Dr Wozniak, Michal Hejwosz gets a green light for setting up SuperMemo Library at Go to another website with more information

  • Mar 22, SuperMemo Library is officially available on the web, hosted by Michal Hejwosz and Piotr Maksimczyk

  • Mar 28, first orders arrive from Brazil (Classical Greek) and Germany (Kanji)

  • Aug 01, SuperMemo Library receives access to Super Memory Store at Yahoo Go to another website with more information. This resulted in:
    • Increasing the website space available to the Library
    • Simplifying the procedure of ordering from the Library
  •  1999
  • May 10, MegaMix, double CD-ROM package, is released with 319 SuperMemo collections written by users of the program

  • Nov 01, SuperMemo Library is now hosted at with additional 40 MB of filespace
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