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This site was created to help you learn faster.
To remember information, you need to make repetitions of the learned material. Repetitions should be made in optimum intervals of time to ensure maximum learning effect and minimum cost. The SuperMemo method of fast learning was created to help you optimize the timing of repetitions (see: Principles of SuperMemo). SuperMemo will dramatically increase your speed of learning!

You can order SuperMemo or download its freeware version and start using it in minutes. At this site you will find lots of material for learning with SuperMemo in areas such as languages, sciences, economics, geography, and many more. You can also create your own material. It is very easy! You can learn it in 5 minutes!

The newest version of SuperMemo 2000 for Windows (see: Visual Tour) will also help you import interesting articles from the Internet and optimally convert them to knowledge suitable for SuperMemo. It can help you in time-management by keeping your optimally prioritized to-do lists

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